SVL Center Bearings: Protect Your Vehicle and Your Bottom Line.

Center Bearings for Commercial and Automotive Applications

SVL center bearings are designed and engineered to provide the proper fit, alignment, and support for your specific application needs. High-quality steel provides reliable strength to the center support frame, while our rubber materials absorb and isolate the vibrations that can damage the driveline. SVL center bearings are pre-lubed and sealed for life, preventing contaminants from entering, and a corrosion-resistant coating adds extra protection.

SVL center bearings are manufactured in certified factories to ensure consistent product quality. That means you’ll get the alignment and support you need—and the assurance that you’re getting great product performance for your money.

Alignment for Your Vehicle. Aligned to Dana Standards.

The SVL center bearing is part of the full line of SVL parts, engineered to meet the unique needs of the aftermarket while ensuring performance through quality and durability testing. It’s a level of reliability you’d expect from a brand that’s backed by Dana, the most trusted name in driveline components.

In addition, each SVL center bearing is backed by a six-month or 50,000-mile warranty, so you can keep your vehicle rolling with confidence. Download the literature on the left to identify the appropriate SVL center bearing for your vehicle and talk to your Dana representative today.

And for center bearings that are manufactured to exact original equipment specifications, Dana manufactures Spicer center bearings for commercial applications and automotive applications. Visit the Spicer parts website to learn more.